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Watersports Goods

Warranty Policy

If you have purchased a product produced by one of the brands we represent then of course we would be happy to assist you should you have any issues with it.  First of all there are some checks you need to do before you get in touch…

  • Did you purchase your product from an authorised UK retailer?
  • Did you purchase your product within the last 12 months?

If both of these are true then please follow these steps to ensure a quick and efficient resolution to any issues you may have.

  • Contact the retailer from which you purchased your product, provide them with your proof of purchase, photos and a description of any issues you have. These will then be discussed with us and assessed.
  •  It is likely you will be asked to return the product to your retailer or sometimes directly to us, please make sure when you do this the product is clean and dry so the assessment process can be expedited and we can get you back on the water quicker.

If, after assessment, we find that your product has a warranty failure then there are 3 options we may offer, a replacement, a repair in some cases, or when necessary a credit. However if the assessment results in a negative outcome we will arrange for the return of your product to you.

No matter how small the issue, if you feel dissatisfied with any products from any of our brands please get in touch with the retailer you purchased it from, or if you need to us directly. Even if it doesn’t warrant a replacement we may be able to provide spares or suggestions on how to get a better experience from the product, eitherway it is better for us to address small issues when they occur rather than wait for them to develop.

We know issues happen with products, our brands have an extremely low warranty percentage, but we are committed to a fast and efficient service when they do, so please get in touch with our retail network should you require any assistance at all..

Note to retailers – if you have any queries or questions on specific warranties please get in touch, do not handle warranty requests alone without contacting us.  We are here to help you give the ultimate support and service to your customer, and for this communication is key!