Triple Power Action Pump

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Vendor Spinera

Thanks to the triple action function of the Spinera Triple Power Action Pump and the compact piston, this pump enables women and young men to achieve easily high pressure. With the Spinera Triple Power Action Pump you can reach up to 30psi quickly and effortlessly. Due to the switch in the front area, you can easily switch between 3-2-1 lift- pump functions.

·capacity 3.2+3.2L, max. pressure 30psi as DIN EN 16051
·switch knob to change comfortably from triple to double or single
·seals and anti-sand filter for long life of pump and SUP
·extra long body and high-airflow piston for an easier inflation
·pump completely shock-proof, compact and light (1.7kg)
·shockproof gauge meter

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