SupVenture 10ft6 iSUP Package

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Vendor Spinera

The Spinera Supventure 10.6 SUP Board is the perfect board for beginner and advanced paddlers looking for a high-quality and versatile stand-up paddle board. With its advanced Double Layer Technology, it offers a combination of stability, durability and performance.

The Double Layer Technology provides a sturdy construction for the board. It is made of a double layer of PVC that ensures increased rigidity and stability. This allows you to glide effortlessly over the water and improve your paddling technique, regardless of your skills and experience.

The board has a length of 3.20m which provides an optimal balance between maneuverability and stability. It is perfectly suited for calm waters like lakes and rivers, but also for light waves on the coast. Whether you want to paddle in a relaxed way or experience small adventures on the water, the Supventure 10.6 SUP Board is the ideal companion.

With a width of 32 inches (approx. 80 centimeters), the board offers a generous standing area and allows you a safe and stable position. This makes learning stand-up paddling easier for beginners and gives advanced paddlers the opportunity to push their limits and try new techniques.

In addition to its performance, the Spinera Supventure 10.6 SUP Board stands out for its attractive design. The clean and modern appearance is emphasized by high-quality materials and workmanship. The non-slip soft pad provides you with excellent grip and comfort while paddling.

The board comes as a complete set that includes everything you need for your paddling adventure. In addition to the board, you get an adjustable aluminum paddle, a high-pressure pump for easy inflation, and a convenient carrying bag for easy transport and storage. Whether you're just starting out or you're already an experienced paddler, the Spinera Supventure 10.6 SUP Board is your reliable partner on the water. Explore new waters, improve your skills and enjoy unforgettable moments with this versatile and high-quality stand-up paddle board.


Details :

  • Sporty all-round SUP for paddling
  • Size: 320 cm x 80 cm x 15cm
  • Rider weight: up to 100 kg
  • Maximum load: 140 kg
  • Volume: 312 l
  • Net weight:8.8kg (Board only)
  • Gross weight:14,2kg

Production :

  • 15 cm DLT - Fusion Double Layer Technology Dropstitch
  • Doublelayer
  • Compressed EVA foam surface with diamond cut
  • 4-point bungee cord / transport net

Included :

  • Carry Backpack / 600D Polyester
  • Double Action Performance Pump
  • Alu/Fiberglass Performance Paddle
  • Slide in Center Fin 
  • Repair Kit without glue
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