SUP5 Electric Pump - High Pressure 12v

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Vendor Spinera

Spinera SUP5 High Pressure 12V Pump, 16 PSI

Material: ABS
Voltage: DC 12V
Pressure: 0-16 PSI
Accessories: Air-hose 100cm / 12 V DC Adapter / 220V AC charger (european plug) / 5 different valve adapters included
Power: 110W with blower use or 100W with compressor use

Battery capacity: Lithium battery, 6000mAH
airflow: 350 L/min with blower (stage 1) or 70L/min with compressor (stage 2) 
pump can be used for inflation or deflation

Product Size: 25.2*17.4*13.3mm
Weight: 3,00KG
Advantage: LCD screen, inflate and deflate, Rechargeable battery, LED light

Pump works:
with integrated battery or
with 12V DC cigarette adapter 

Battery charges:
with 12 volt DC cigarette adapter or
with 220 V AC charger (european plug) 

In the front area, where the lights and USB connection are located, you can charge your cell phone, for example.

Inflation time 11 fd Sup Board with 15cm Dropstich:
for 10 PSI - about 10 minutes
for 15 PSI - about 15 minutes

about 3 or more Sup-Boards can be filled with a full battery

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