SUP4 Electric Pump - High Pressure 12v

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Vendor Spinera

Spinera SUP4 High Pressure 12V Pump, 16 PSI

Material: ABS
Voltage: DC 12V
Pressure: 0-16 PSI, analog pressure setting, autostop once pressure is achieved
Accessories: Air-hose 100cm / 12 V DC Adapter / USB cable for battery charging / 5 different valve adapters included
Power: 110W with blower use or 100W with compressor use

Battery capacity: Lithium battery, 4000mAH
airflow: 350 L/min with blower (stage 1) or 70L/min with compressor (stage 2) 
pump can be used for inflation or deflation

Weight: 2,60KG

Pump works:
with integrated battery or
with 12V DC cigarette adapter 

Battery charges:
only with USB cable

Inflation time 11 fd Sup Board with 15cm Dropstich:
for 10 PSI - about 10 minutes
for 15 PSI - about 15 minutes

about 2-3 Sup-Boards can be filled with a full battery

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