Load image into Gallery viewer, Type 8:12 Skimmer Wakesurfer - 2024
Load image into Gallery viewer, Type 8:12 Skimmer Wakesurfer - 2024

SKU: R24-WS-CSK-812-46

Type 8:12 Skimmer Wakesurfer - 2024

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The skimmer of choice for the widest range of riders in the Ronix lineup. The Type 8:12 is quickly becoming a factory and team favourite. For the surfer looking to advance their riding and learn the fundamental tricks of skim style wake surfing. Shuv-its, three shuvs, or body varials are easy to learn on the Type 8:12 because of the parallel board outline. By increasing the width in the nose and tail, the shape of the board carries more top water speed and lands with a forgiving feel. Additionally, the overall rocker profile is low allowing for increased pocket speed meaning more saves of the wave and attempts at tricks. The Type 8:12 shape started in our 2023 Flyweight Pro construction. New for 2024, it gets the added benefits of our best-selling Carbon Air Core 3 layup. This includes increased rigidity for speed and stored energy for more pop. Kick your wake-surfing addiction up a notch. The best all-round, traditional-feeling skim in the line. A new take on a familiar skim feel that makes for a smooth transition into learning new tricks.

- FinS System
- Thickness: Thin
- Rail: Hard
- Handmade by Robots
- EVA Front / Rear Pad
- Lava Resin
- Carbon Air Core 3

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