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Sonar MA850 v2 Front Wing - 2024

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The MA850v2 Front Wing is a mid-aspect ratio wing ideal for lighter to average weight advanced wingfoilers or prone surfers, and kitefoilers. Very fast and extremely manoeuvrable, the airfoil section has been designed with more emphasis on top-speed over stall speed. The areaand aspect ratio combination gives the MA850v2 excellent agility and efficient glide, provided speed is maintained. It retains a locked-in feel for upwind/powered riding.The MA850v2 is a fantastically versatile wing for an advanced rider looking for a wide speed range across multiple disciplines. Guaranteed ventilation-free tip-breaching, so you can really crank your turns.

  • Wide speed range
  • Playful and agile and fast turning
  • Excellent top end
  • Controllable early lift
  • Efficient glide and pumpability
  • Ventilation-free tip breaching
  • Wing / Kite / Wake / Tow


  • Pre-Preg Carbon
  • Titanium Screws
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