Load image into Gallery viewer, Sonar 208 Stabilizer - 2023
Load image into Gallery viewer, Sonar 208 Stabilizer - 2023

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Sonar 208 Stabilizer - 2023

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Flat, loose and fast, the new S208 Stabilizer is another high performance upgrade to the Sonar Foil System for experienced riders. The S208 has a higher aspect ratio than the S210, which means less drag, and the flatter rondure (front view) enables more manoeuvrability. As we’ve increased our front wing range, we’ve needed to match the lift force of the front wing with the stabilizer. While your front wing creates vertical lift, your stabilizer has a downward acting force, which prevents the front wing from nose-diving. A larger stabilizer translates into more front foot pressure, while a smaller stabilizer equals less front foot pressure. The North stabs are mounted on top of the fuselage, which helps them to avoid turbulence from the flow of the front wing, creating a smoother ride. This top mounting also gives the rider an early breach warning - the stab pierces the water surface first, giving you a better chance of recovery before your front wing gets too high. Like the Front Wings, all Sonar Stabilizers are pre-preg carbon construction, ensuring optimal stiffness and direct performance. The thin profile section reduces drag, while the material properties help maintain structural integrity and rigidity. Stabs have a huge influence on performance. As you progress to smaller wing sizes, we recommend changing to a smaller stabilizer to be more manoeuvrable. Experienced riders will really feel the difference. A new tail can have a big impact on your style.

- Clean undisturbed flow
- Flat, loose and fast
- Easy breach recovery
- Thinner profile
- Higher aspect ratio
- Less surface friction for better glide
- Item Includes: Sonar S208 Stabilizer, Cover, Sonar Stabiliser Screw Pack C (M8x16)

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