Load image into Gallery viewer, Pulse Kite - Rubine Red - 2024
Load image into Gallery viewer, Pulse Kite - Rubine Red - 2024

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Pulse Kite - Rubine Red - 2024

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The explosive pop, powerful fast turns and responsive steering of our high-performance freestyle kite will set your heart pumping. The Pulse comes alive in unhooked freestyle and makes landing even the most technical tricks instinctive. Its upright, low sweep design ensures the twist introduced by the steering impulse goes much deeper into the centre of the kite, so it turns throughout the entire canopy and the power delivery is constant through the entire loop. The leaner profile entry and slightly higher aspect ratio of the Pulse make it efficient and smooth handling, especially in overpowered conditions. The 2024 Pulse has increased performance and lift, drive through the kite loop, better recovery and improved slack line and pop. We’ve reduced the amount of Dacron reinforcement material and introduced lighter-weight bladders in all sizes for a lighter, faster-flying kite. The Pulse is the ultimate in performance freestyle, with impressive freeride capabilities for super-high boosts and kite-loops.

- Smoother Canopy
- Lighter Construction
- Dynamic Edge Response
- 85000.240002

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