Inflatable Board Pump - 2024

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External Stock: 17x Units 13 Jun 2024

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High pressure, low volume dual-action pump for board and wing inflation. This ergonomic hand pump is supplied with multiple adaptors to fit the Seek Air and your Nova or Mode Wing, so you only need to carry one pump. Double-action inflation pumps air out with every push down, and every pull up. Finish effortlessly by switching to single action. Safety leash hooks on to your wing to prevent it blowing away. Integrated Shockproof Pressure Gauge up to 21 PSI - Recommended max pressure 15PSI for Seek Air and 8PSI for Wings. Features High quality seals and anti-sand filter for longevity of pump and board.

- Single/Double action
- Anti sand filter
- 1.8l
- 85005.240060

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