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Charge PRO Surfboard - 2024

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Developed for surfing. Engineered for kitesurfing. Smooth and powerful down the line, turning hard in the pocket and releasing on-demand, the Charge Pro is a high-performance surfboard. It is a fast, dedicated surf shape with loads of projection for a powerful vertical attack in larger waves. The Charge Pro also excels at carving, driving upwind, onshore riding, and is versatile enough for aerial tricks. Our Pro construction, Carbon Innegra Futurelite, maximises the board’s strength, without losing flex or responsiveness, while the DualShock EVA inserts increases its durability and protects from heel dents. With fast response, speed and drive, the 2024 Charge Pro delivers a smooth, powerful ride with a positive feel in critical turns. You only need to see our riders charging some of the world’s biggest waves to witness the handling at speed and drive through the turns. The wide point of the board is slightly forward, with concave under the front foot for a fast, driving bottom turn and responsive pivotal top turn with easy release.  Rounded surf rails are lower and more refined, giving the board more grip when you’re carving the wave face. The Charge Pro features a two-piece no-slip deck grip, with front and rear kicks for exceptional comfort and control.

- Pro carbon futurelite
- Fast respone, speed and drive
- Fins not include
- 85012.240006

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