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System Lowback Chassis - 2024

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The System Lowback Binding in White / Black has been updated with new hydrophobic Flexion Ankle Strap and Adjustable Toe Strap. Hydrophobic materials repel water instantly with zero absorption, this binding will remain dry & lite throughout your set. Preferred by our entire cable team, the LowBack provides more than enough edge control and the truest connection to your wakeboard. Riders behind the boat love it as well, as it offers more range of motion than any other binding. Combining these attributes makes the System LowBack the ideal choice for cable and wake riders alike who enjoy pushing the limits. Customise your Lowback binding and you'll find it provides all the support needed for riders who enjoy a more flexible feel.

- 2 Part Theory
- Baseless Interface
- Reinforced N7 Chassis
- Aluminum Mounting System
- Heel Hold Grip Pad
- New Hydrophobic Flexion Ankle Strap
- New Hydrophobic Toe Strap
- Adjustable Toe Strap

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