Rusty Pro Package - 2024

Future Stock

Vendor Hyperlite

Each of our 2024 Pro Handles like the Blueprint, Rusty, Murray, Capitol, Cadence and Riot are available as a Pro Package, featuring our tested Silicone Flat Line. Each Handle includes Ultralight Nylon Endcaps with our Anti-Roll System or ARS. The total line length is 75 feet with 2 removable 2.5 foot sections and 2 removable 5 foot sections offering multiple line length options for all Wakeboarders. Hyperlite’s Pro Handles also offer differing handle diameters from the Capitol’s 1.24” down to the newly minted Cadence at 1.02”.  

- Ultralight Nylon Endcaps
- ARS (Anti Roll System) Equipped
- 15" Bar Length
- Adjustable from 65' to 85'
- Silicone Flat Line

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