25ft Pro Surf Rope w/Handle - Blue/Yellow - 2024

Future Stock

External Stock: 225x Units 07 Jun 2024

Vendor Hyperlite

The Pro Surf Rope in blue & yellow includes the protective Oversized Foam Endcaps ensuring board and boat never get dinged while tossing the handle to or from the surfer. At full length of 25’ and a 10” wide surf handle finding the pocket has never been easier. Includes multiple 3’ segments for shortening to accommodate your wave. Machined floats come standard ensuring a solid float for the entire line and handle.  


  • 25’ Total Length
  • 10” Handle with Team Grip
  • 1” Handle Diameter (27.94mm)
  • Oversized Foam End Caps for Boat / Board Protection
  • 4 Machined Floats Included
  • 1” Diameter (27.94mm)
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