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Molecule Tube - 2024

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Vendor HO Sports

The Molecule uses the latest and most innovative technology in inflatables to perform like no other tube has ever dreamed! Its innovative, patented design isn’t just for looks. Using 3 spheres, the center platform is suspended above the water with only the spheres contacting the surface. This dramatically lowers the surface contact and drag behind the boat. The result is an extremely quick sliding, large tube that works equally well on rough or smooth water. There are tons of handles, two towing orientations, and the riding positions are only limited by your own imagination.

- HO Sports’ Patented Sphere Technology
- Softshell Technology: Full Top Deck Coverage!
- Abrasion Resistant: reduced “tube rash” often caused by traditional nylon covers
- Temperature Controlled: doesn’t become hot to the touched due to sun exposure like
traditional nylon covers
- Room for 3 Adults or 4 Kids: 510 lbs. capacity
- Built in ladder for easy re
- HO Quick
-Connect Tow Hook for easy rope hook
- 2 Way Boston Valve for quick and easy inflation and deflation
- 4K Tube Rope required for the ultimate pull

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