15" Elite Deep V Handle w/70ft Rec - 2024

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External Stock: 27x Units 01 Jul 2024

Vendor HO Sports

Designed for those looking to master the one ski deep water start, the Elite Deep V Handle features a wakeboard style soft grip cubic stitch pattern that gets tackier when wet. The skier places their ski tip inside the utra wide deep V area between the handle and rope connection, which cradles the ski tip, keeping it centered to help with learning proper body position for easy get ups. Its coated rope prevents abrasion caused by ski friction while the foam floats make it easy to locate atop the water. Available as a package with a 5 section rope that features length adjustment loops or a 1 section mainline.

- Deep V
- Cubic Stitch Patteren
- Coated Rope
- 15" Handle
- 75' Recreational Mailine

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