DPR 107 Kit - 2in1 Paddle

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Vendor Bravo


The Bravo convertible 2 in 1 Kayak Paddle is ideal for recreational use. For people aiming to Kayak in rivers, lakes or even mild ocean conditions, these paddles are great. The paddles are designed to give you the speed and stability you require. They are strong, sturdy and durable. This is a heavy-duty canoe or kayak paddle set, that provides compact storage to its user as it can be stowed away in only 2 sections. 


DPR 107 2 in 1 Paddle Kit - 215 / 150cm

- ABS blades (fitted with cold water grips and 2 drip rings)

- 1 x 2.15m Double Paddle

- Or 2 x 1.50m Single Paddles

- With T-Piece Aluminium Shaft

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