Bravo 6 - Double Action High Capacity Pump

Future Stock

Vendor Bravo

The Bravo 6 High Volume Stirrup Pump is a double-action pump fitted with its own pressure gauge and gives you the choice of two-way pumping or downward-only pumping. This can really help for the final part of an inflation.


- Inflate Mode: Double and single action - Adjust pressure cap for downward only pumping

- Volume: 2 x 2500cc

Max Pressure: 600 mbar (8.7 psi)

Size: 21 x 12 x 47 cm

- A higher volume stirrup pump.

- Body manufactured in ABS

- Complete with universal valve adaptors

- BRAVO 6 can be transformed in a single action pump by removing this plug. In this case the pump will work while pushing only, thus reducing the physical effort needed to inflate at the high pressure.

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