Bravo 12 - 12v Pump

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Vendor Bravo

This automatic boat inflator is perfect getting boats, kites and SUP boards, ready for the water.

The pressure is selectable from 150 to 300 mbar (2.2psi and 4.4psi) with an automatic stop when it reaches a selected pressure. Equipped with universal adaptors. With the option to inflate and deflate and an adaptor set coming as standard, this top-of-the-range product will look after you and your kit for years to come.


Voltage Supply: 12V DC

- Current Consumption: 10-14 A max

- Air Flow: 150 l/min

Max Pressure: 300 mbar (4.4psi)

Size: 23 x 13 x 13 cm

- Pressure selection facilitated with this special manometer

- Automatic stop when selected pressure is reached

- Fitted with aspiration air filter, easily accessible for cleaning and replacement

- Equipped with connectors for dinghies, kites and SUP boards

- Equipped with shoulder bag

- With 1.70 m tube and 3 m power cord

- Can inflate and deflate

- Supplied with cigarette lighter plug and with alligator clips for direct connection to external 12V batteries

- Protective filtration system

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