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The BeachBox is the ultimate portable shower and storage box. The perfect wingman for ALL outdoor enthusiasts. Perfect as a camping shower, an organizer for the gear junkie, or a person on the go needing to spray down the kid or the dog! How you use it is up to you. The entire system is ergonomically designed so that the shower tank sits snugly and securely inside the BeachBox (no rolling around in your car). The storage tubs can be moved or removed to make for more space if needed, and for days when you don't need the entire BeachBox, you can travel lighter with just the shower tank and changing lid. It's very versatile.

- 1x 1.3 Gal Insulated Hand Pump Tank (Holds Hot Water)
- 1x 7ft Durable Neoprene Coil Hose
- 1 x Multi Spray Shower Gun
- 1x Non Slip Changing Lid
- 1x Divider Slide
- 2x Mini Storage Tubs
- 1x Dry Box Lid
- 1x Dry Box Raised Plate

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