Universal Monsoon Spray Station

Future Stock

Vendor Aquaglide

Aquaglide pushes the boundaries of Aquapark design with its revolutionary patent-pending Monsoon Sprinkler System. The Monsoon shoots a carefully controlled spray of water from its center in a large radius, providing rainbows of color and a cooling spray that keeps users comfortable, equipment clean, and maximizes the wow-factor of sliding surfaces throughout the park. The Monsoon interchanges easily with existing Aquaglide Universal and Universal Thunderdome connectors to be easily retro-fitted to existing parks.

- Best For: keeping guests comfortable and equipment clean.
- Capacity: 6 Adults / 8 Children
- Warranty: 3year limited against any manufacturing defects.
- Dimensions: L 12.8? x W 12.8? x H 9? (L 3,8m x W 3,8m x H 2,8m)
- Weight: 121 lb. (55 kg)
- Min Water Depth: 4? (1,21kg)
- Does not include pump

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