Universal Keyhole

Future Stock

Vendor Aquaglide

The one-of-a-kind Universal Keyhole is a unique balance feature where guests can choose between threading the needle on the center-beam through the keyhole or walking the perilous perimeter path. Interior boarding tubes and handles help users reboard easily after a splashdown. Connects to any aquapark on up to eight sides using our Interlock connection system.

- Best For: balancing and transiting to other features.
- Capacity: 3 Adults / 3 Children
- Warranty: 3year limited against any manufacturing defects.
- Dimensions: 12.6’ L (384 cm) x 12.6’ W (384 cm) x 5.6’ H (171 cm).
- Min Water Depth: 5.8’ (1.76 m)

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