Rebound 20 Aquapark w/ Slide & Log

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Vendor Aquaglide

The eight-sided design of the Rebound 20 offers excellent trampoline-like bounce that is easier to set-up and maintain compared to trampolines with metal frames and springs. Made of RF welded Duratex and #316 stainless steel welded ring plates, this product comes complete with a Swimstep access platform and heavy duty molded boarding and transport handles. The Rebound 20 is an excellent alternative to a trampoline. The Rebound 20 Aquapark includes an i-Log and Plunge slide for a complete aquapark experience.

 Best For: Bounce, slide and balance with this perfect combination of aquapark pieces.
 Capacity: 11 People
 Warranty: 3-year limited against any manufacturing defects.
 Box Dimensions: L 35″ x W 26″ x H 16″ (L 90cm x W 66cm x H 41cm)
 Min Water Depth: 8’ (2.4 m)
 Includes: Rebound 20, Swimstep boarding platform, i-Log, Plunge slide, Vario-Lock™ straps (3), and repair kit.
 Not Included: Anchor weights, mooring lines, bridles, and inflation pump.
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