OG Lounge CX3

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Vendor Aquaglide

As part of Aquaglide’s Lounge series, the OG Lounge is an ideal waterfront hangout for family-sized groups. With its integrated barstool seating, raised table, cupholders, and shaded canopy top, the OG Lounge accommodates up to six users and creates a versatile on-the-water social space. Use the OG Lounge as a standalone item or connect it to other Aquaglide accessories.

- Best For: socialising and lounging.
- Capacity: 6 Adults / 6 Children
- Warranty: Limited 3year Residential / 1
-year light Commercial
- Dimensions: 10’ L (305 cm) x 10’ W (305 cm) x 7’5” H (227 cm)
- Weight: 191 lb. (87 kg)
- Min Water Depth: 3.3 ft (1 m)

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