High Pressure 12v Turbo Pump

Future Stock

Vendor Aquaglide

The 12v Turbo 2.3 Pump is a powerful pump for use with a 12-volt battery. Ideal for low-pressure kayaks and general use where high volume at low pressure is needed.

This pump is designed to fit Aquaglide valves. We cannot guarantee that it will fit other brand’s valves.

 Max Pressure: 2.3 psi (159 mb).
 Air Flow: 35 cfm (990L/min).
 Includes: 3.2 ft. (1.0 m) hose, 12v alligator clip attachment with 9 ft. (2.74 m) cable, and Halkey-Roberts, Boston, Rapid Inflate, Fish Eye, and stem fittings.
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