Escalade Yacht Climbing Wall

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Vendor Aquaglide

Towering at an impressive 5,0m (over 16 ft.) in height, the Escalade has three different routes that allow for challenging access and serves as an excellent workout for beginners, intermediates and experts using a clear labeling system: green = easy, yellow = medium, red = difficult. The underwater ladder provides a suitable start while the heavy-duty molded handles and non-slip toeholds provide grip for the ascent.

 Best For: A climbing wall expertly designed for your luxury yacht.
 Capacity: 1 Person
 Dimensions: L 2′ x W 10’ x H 16.4’ (L 0,6m x W 3,00m x H 5,00m)
 Box Dimensions: L 47″ x W 39.4″ x H 30″, 254 lbs. 1pc. (L 120cm x W 100cm x H 76cm, 115 kg)
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