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Vendor Aquaglide

Perfectly angled for maximum G-forces, the Bendback is a bermed corner designed to work with any Aquaglide Aquapark Series or Pool Challenge Track configuration. Users can make a run for it by hitting this angled corner at speed when transferring to other features. The Bendback connects to any Aquapark configuration using the integrated D-ring Interloc System on both ends.

- Best For: running, hopping, and transferring to other features.
- Capacity: 2 Adults / 2 Children
- Warranty: 3year limited against any manufacturing defects.
- Dimensions: L 15? x W 7? x H 2.5? (L 462cm x W 216cm x H 76.2 cm)
- Weight: 75.68lbs (34.4kg)

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