CG w/70 Fuse Line - Red - 2024

Future Stock

External Stock: 19x Units 27 May 2024

Vendor Hyperlite

Hyperlite’s Red CG Handle is the popular Chamois Grip including new lightweight end caps. The CG Handle is 1.2” in diameter or 30.5mm. Packaged with the red 70’ Fuse Line for a total length of 75’ – It’s the ideal wake rope and handle combo for wakeboarding.


  • “Chamois Grip”
  • New Handle Foam Floats
  • ARS (Anti-Roll System) Endcaps
  • 15” Handle Bar Length
  • 2” Handle Diameter (30.5mm)
  • 70’ Fuse Line with 3 – 5’ Sections
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