Proline - T-Bar Surf Rope - White

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The T-Bar Surf Rope from Proline is a simple design that does exactly what you need - to get up, get in the pocket, and drop it.

Although most wakesurf ropes feature a triangle style handle, the T-handle style ropes are gaining popularity for simplicity and safety. The Proline T-Bar Surf Rope features a 6" T-handle built with an EVA foam grip and center eyelet. Polymer end caps on the handle make it soft to avoid dinging boards, the boat, or someone inside the boat when you toss it. The mainline is a poly-e large spiral rope braid. The total length of the rope is a total of 20 feet long and has three 3 foot sections making it easy to adjust the length based on your wave's sweet spot. A major bonus, both the handle and rope float for improved safety and visibility.

Proline T-Bar Surf Rope

  • 6" EVA Foam Grip Handle w/ Center Eyelet
  • Large Spiral Rope Braid w/ Poly-E Mainline
  • Polymer End Caps for Increased Safety
  • Floating Handle and Mainline
  • 20' Total Length w/ Three 3' Sections

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