Mystic creates a range of equipment that embraces modern technology and durability, allowing riders to break all existing boundaries. With roots in sailing and surf, Mystic was officially co-founded in 2002 with the mission of creating durable waterwear and accessories for kiteboarders across the globe. What began as a rebellion of kite culture 20 years ago has turned into reinventing the experience for most of the water world. Today, Mystic makes up a diverse alliance of kiteboarders, windsurfers, wakeboarders, and surfers hailing from all corners of the world. With two decades of trailblazing under their belt, Mystics focus is to create a range of equipment that embraces modern technology, sustainability, and durability.


The North brand started in 1957 when Olympic gold medallist and trained engineer, Lowell North, sought to change the world of sailing through precision technology. North pioneered advanced computer modeling in the design and manufacture processes. North Kiteboarding and North Foiling are part of North Actionsports Group. Their Brand and Product Development team are based in New Zealand, home of the America's Cup and an R&D playground exposed to wind and swell from all directions. The North design process starts and finishes on the water and their passionate team constantly innovate and prioritize what is really important to the rider.


Ronix are an independent rider owned company (with a couple of owners able to throw down 1080’s and 1260’s). Ronix prides itself as a company that is surrounded by perfection with products that take longer to make and are ridden harder. Starting out strapping into bungees, riding a phaser equipped, directional shape, tri-fin powered special, Ronix created the first wakeboard in 1990 and their axiom will always be based on products and tales of tomorrow's riding.


Radar was founded and led by skiers who have instilled the passion to push beyond the norm and make better products. This passion fuels their desire to innovate and create. It means early mornings and late nights, red eye flights followed by dawn sessions. Radar states that they ‘never stop dreaming of what’s next and what we can do to make skiing even better’. Their constant desire to push the sport leads us to where we are now. They have fun creating every day so that you can have fun on the water and as they say ‘Just go ski’..


Established in 1991, Hyperlite is the longest standing brand in wake thanks to shared passion for the wake lifestyle and commitment to innovative and quality goods. Hyperlite Wake is devoted to delivering equipment to enhance your experience, evolving their products to drive progression in wakeboarding, wakeskating and wakesurfing.


Founded in 1982 on the shores of Lake Sammamish, WA, HO Sports is the leading manufacturer of premium watersports equipment. They continue to lead the trends in waterski, towable, lounge and paddle products. Since their inception, HO has long been a pioneer in the watersports industry and a dominant force in the waterskiing circuit. These revolutionary products are the result of thousands of hours of research and development from our innovative team of designers and athletes. HO Sports designs and manufactures Waterskis, Bindings, Kneeboards, Life Jackets, Wetsuits, Towables, Inflatables and more.


Connely is a brand that has been here since the beginning. They have been building things to make your summer better for over 50 years and they aren't about to stop. Since their inception in the 60’s building mahogany and white cedar skis to the 70’s and 80’s when fiberglass skis dominated production, they’ve been revolutionizing the industry with technology and leaving a wake of legacy along the way. The same passion that drove the company in 1965 is still the same energy that drives it today. Each of their skis are designed in the USA and thoughtfully engineered from 50 years of research and development to produce high-quality water sports products.


Headquartered in the heart of the Pacific Northwest and run by a small team of watersports enthusiasts, Aquaglide exists to get you on the water. Created 15 years ago, a small team of adventurers wanted more out of inflatable water crafts. So began a new company – one rooted in the Pacific Northwest, with a passion for being on water and dedicated to making the highest quality inflatable products. Aquaglide focuses on two classes of inflatables: aquaparks (commercial and lakefront) and paddlesports (kayaks and SUPs). Though these channels are distinct, they serve the same goal – to ensure you enjoy your time on the water. They aim to build the highest quality products suited for everyone – from the family on a weekend float, to the summer camp aquapark, to the devout fisherman, to the lakefront homeowner. They build products you can trust to get out on the water, no matter what adventure means to you.


Spinera was founded in 2017 to meet the desires of families and amateur athletes as well as international watersport’s centers in means of quality and pricing. Spinera doesn’t define itself on a big marketing budget but on service, functional product innovations and a good reputation. Through more than 20 years of know-how, direct experience with products, dealers and partners they began early to offer customers high quality and lower-priced alternatives. Since the tube, waterski, and neoprene products were well received by the market, they have expanded their product range yearly and now offer a broad Stand-Up-Paddle Board Line.

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