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Watersports Goods

About Us

We specialise in the distribution of premium watersports equipment primarily within the UK & Ireland.

As exclusive distributors for Mystic, HO/Hyperlite, Ronix/Radar, Connelly/CWB & Aquaglide we offer a wide range of products around multiple sectors of the watersports industry, in many cases offering a one stop shop for many watersports retailers.

Our parent company was established in 1969, and now over 40 years later we are growing stronger and faster than ever. Every member of our team lives for the water! What we feel differentiates us from everyone else out there is our genuine passion for the brands and the sports we represent. In turn this passion gives us a vast knowledge of the sports in which our products are used, from the origins to the future, as Watersports World UK we were, are and will be, part of it.

As a company we believe in flexibility, fairness and in building long term partnerships with our retailer network. Starting off slowly and growing organically with retailers to create solid foundations and a successful network of top notch watersports stores all around the UK.

If you feel your business ethos is in sync with ours then please get in touch and we would love to discuss you joining our dealer network.